Our First Season - 1987 - we were new to the ice cream world, but we knew what we wanted in an Ice Cream Shop:

Clean Well Lighted Place - (to steal a line from Papa Hemingway)

Good, no, Great Ice Cream taste with a fullness of body, at reasonable prices

A place where families could come and enjoy the company of each other and new friends

A place where the youth of our community could find a first job and learn the American Work Ethic

A place to experience the ice cream in a non-rushed, casual setting, letting the world go by, if only for a little while.


To that end, we have strived. 

We found Toft Dairy ice cream to have the best flavor.  For fullness of body we added less air to the mix, and discovered the DG's secret to great Ice Cream.

We use Joy Cones - they just taste better.

We use paper as much as we can - nothing's greener than paper!

Our sundaes, however, are in clear plastic cups - so you can see the goodness inside!


We have established a list of local charities and groups that we support with our donations.  Its a good idea to keep the donations in the community.

We employ approximately 10-20 teenagers each year!  We are proud to say that this extended family of ours, has been a joy to us.